Friday, January 30, 2015

Weight Loss Exercise Program at Home

Do you know that by exercising you cannot only lost pounds but also strengthen your muscle? So that rumors is so true. Because diet is not something that will make your body shaped beautifully, but it makes you and your body just lost some pounds and yet, your body still looks like it has some itchy parts that just left by its fat. Exercising will make the muscle tight again and your body will look very good. You know that by having a sexy body means a lot to you, that you will make your lover happy for example. But then, if you have such a busy time, can you do it properly? Here that you can do by weight loss exercising program at home. You can start right now!
Remove all the negative energy out of your system.
First of all, try to remove all your bad thinking about failure. Yes, you talk about the thoughts of being failed in this mission to get you in shape. Remove it and you will be fine. The thing about losing pounds is that, you may be able to gain or lose it again, but if you already remove the negative thoughts from your system, you may just keep forward and achieving whatever it is. For example, a person with negative thoughts will think that exercising might be good, but if he/she can’t do it, then he/she can’t do it. the truth is, he/she hasn’t try it. So, what’s the point of thinking negatively over and over again? While you actually can think or just try until you have succeed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Menurunkan Berat Badan

Menurunkan berat badan bukan sesuatu yang susah karena kalau kita melakukannya dengan benar dan konsisten pasti berat badan kita bisa turun tetapi bukan berarti ini sesuatu yang gampang dilakukan, itu karena kalau kita tidak kuat menahan godaan maka usaha yang sudah dilakukan akan sia-sia.

Sebenarnya prinsip menurunkan berat badan adalah mudah yaitu membuat tubuh kita membakar lebih banyak kalori dibandingkan dengan memasukan kalori kedalam tubuh. Cara yang biasa dilakukan adalah dengan meningkatkan aktifitas tubuh dibarengi dengan mengatur pola makan agar menjadi lebih sehat dan seimbang.